You Have the
Power to Help


Speedy Aid for
Animals in Need

A safe home? Vet care? Belly rubs? No matter what they need, Nor Cal Animal Rescue is there to help. With the support of our generous donors and caring fosters, we seek out and assist animals in need. Join us as we make a real difference in the lives of the animals, so they all can enjoy the happy lives they deserve.


Success Story: SASHA

I found little Sasha at an Oakland swap meet. Although small, she was chained up. She was too thin and cowered when I approached. I looked into her eyes, and my heart took over. I knew I had to do something to help. Although she wasn’t technically for sale, I asked to buy her. After we settled on a price, I scooped her up and called my friends. Within minutes, I had a foster home lined up for her. After lots of ear scratches and good food, Sasha began to come out of her shell. Soon, she was ready to go to her forever home. Today, she’s living the good life: playing with her doggy brother, taking sun baths, and swimming every time she finds a little water.


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